Own your body, your power and your place in the world.

— by Faith Jones —

I want to claim my power

I Own Me – How to claim your ultimate power and freedom and improve your relationships.

In this guide book, you will discover the true power of owning yourself. How to protect yourself and those you love from physical violations, tools to heal from such violations, and a simple framework you can apply to create empowering boundaries in every area of your life. Let Faith Jones, a powerhouse attorney and trauma survivor be your guide through an intimate journey of healing and developing your inner strength and power.

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In the US, at least one third of women are sexually assaulted; 25% of college girls are raped. This culture of violence against women must stop and top leaders need to be involved in this change at the highest level of government, education and within companies.

I want to claim my power

"She leads by example . . . She is an inspired creator and motivated to reach her own goals. It seems essential to have someone as this to help guide you as you reach out to your dreams.She is reflective . . . She listens to what is said and hears what is meant, getting beyond words into real meaning.She is real . . . She shares her victories, set-backs, frustrations, ideas, and heart with us all. She, in turn, invests herself in ours - she is with us wholly and completely.”

Autumn Bay


Faith Jones empowers us personally and across organizations to create a safe environment for women by the implementing clear guidelines in the Ten Golden Principles of Conduct to understand your relationship with yourself and others through workshops, online courses, and Faith’s keynote speaking.


Experiential tailored workshops and Keynote speaking for schools, high schools, colleges and organizations to dramatically decrease unintentional sexual assaults and harassment, and create a culture of safety and respect with easy to implement guidelines.


I Own Me online course and workbook gives you the tools to heal and a way to communicate your boundaries to others.


Sexual Harassment Prevention and Corporate Ethics. Coming soon for educators and HR managers is training to level up your career skills and leadership by learning to facilitate the Golden Principles of High Integrity Organizations Program in your businesses.

The Foundation Program

I Own Me is a program for schools, high schools, colleges and business organizations to tackle one of our world’s most difficult problems, the bias and violence against women, so that women can realize their full potential and maximize their impact.

Through an intensive, hands-on experience and supported online coaching and implementation, we provide an opportunity for all women to develop an understanding of themselves and their rights and responsibility; to create healthy boundaries, behaviors, beliefs and tools to Protect and Empower themselves at work and at home. And how to discuss these principles with men and gain their support rather than alienation.

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