Business Attorney and Strategic Advisor

We help you maximize your value as a leader and a company with your current team

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Business Attorney and Strategic Advisor

We help you maximize your value as a leader and a company with your current team

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Value upgrade coaching is for C-suite executives, business owners and high-level managers. I focus on maximizing value with limited resources, so you and your company realize your full potential.

"She has saved my business millions of dollars... is worth her weight in gold. I don't know where I could ever find someone to replace her. Faith has been my corporate attorney for over 7 years and saved my business from countless headaches. She has exceeded my expectations time and again with her professionalism, knowledge and her ability to get to the heart of the matter and find a great solution.”

Lian Liu, MD. — CEO, PacGenomics


Revenue. Understand and improve the three core business drivers to increase profitability.

Execution. Implement a 4-part system to execute on any strategy.


Morale. Create a culture of accountability and empowerment

Inspiring Influence. Balance strong, inspiring leadership with collaboration.


Strategic Decision-Making. Framework to make better decisions.

Handle Difficult Situations. Respond effectively in high stress environments.


The more value you create the more money you make. Money is simply a measurement of the value your company and you as a leader are providing.

How do you maximize the value you provide and receive?

I focus on magnifying your value through :

  • Building Value– Identify high-impact, low-touch opportunities to create high value.
  • Negotiation– On the legal side, what to fight for in a deal and what to let go of.
  • Deal Strategy– how to structure joint ventures and partnerships for optimal business incentives and legal protection.
  • Eliminate Failure Conditions– Spot potential future landmines that destroy value and plot a path to avoid them.
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Faith Jones empowers you to create a company culture that maximizes value. Increase your net worth as leader and a company by targeting the vital leverage points that boost profitability and performance.


Want a robust corporate culture of accountability, respect, ethical behavior, and value creation? Take advantage of my proprietary system that instills those values in each individual. It reveals the core of who we are and our relationships, rights and responsibilities in a clear, undeniable method. From the CEO down, we use a company tailored method of live workshops and online webinars to deliver results.


Do you truly grasp what your value is as a CEO and how to maximize it in yourself and your company? The wrong focus prevents you from achieving greater success in your career and relationships. Personal coaching helps you identify what will have the greatest impact on fulfilling your goals. Shift what is stopping you from showing up powerfully as a leader. Transform your behavior! Energize your results!


This group coaching program teaches managers self-governance, managing down and up, and execution strategy. Develop clarity on what is happening internally and externally so you can calmly take control of situations. Create solutions by revealing the high-impact low-touch pressure points in relationships and systems. Become a cohesive management team.