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The business world is a jungle! Get the critical legal tools and weapons to help you survive and avoid hidden traps.

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Future proof your business for success and massive growth


Build and arm your legal business “bodyguard”


Supercharge your business skills with the Legal Edge

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Wish I had known all this a few years ago. Just the information on contracts alone would have saved me tens of thousands of dollars, not to mention time and stress. Talk about being blind-sided!

– Mike Broadwell

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Did you know?

95% of the people who had set up a company before they took this course, discovered they set up the wrong type of entity for their needs or formed it in the wrong state.

What you personally should know before setting up your company. Don’t rely on the lawyers.


  • Do you try to get by with a friendly client email agreement? Or, worse, a handshake deal?
  • Does your website have Terms and Conditions and a Privacy Policy?
  • Have you formed the right entity for your business model?
  • Are you “partnering” with someone on a project without a formal entity?

If so, you could be:

  • Taken to the cleaners for everything you own over a few thousand dollar consulting gig.
  • Wide open to bad actors and bullies who use lawsuits against easy marks to make quick cash.
  • Paying thousands more in taxes than you need to.
  • On the hook for your “partner’s” debts.

Sounds scary? It is!

Want to stop worrying and just get it fixed?

Ignoring your business legal stuff? I get it…

Dealing with legal stuff can be painful, intimidating, confusing, and expensive.

Have you thought, “I don’t know where to start on my own. Hiring an attorney is so expensive, and I can’t tell if they are even any good!”?

You have a few options to handle your legal:


Figure it out with DIY websites…and risk missing something vital.



Pay high hourly fees…with no way to tell if you’re even getting the right advice!



Engaging, Empowering and Jargon-free! Clear instructions and straight answers from a top corporate attorney without the huge bill or wasted time.

I am here to make your business life easier by offering simplified, streamlined and reliable expert legal education to safeguard you now and in the future.Here are some FAQ’s that I will hope will answer any questions you may have.

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Faith Jones

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Named top 40 Under 40 M&A Professional Advisor – I graduated from Georgetown University (summa cum laude) and Berkley Law School and became a highly successful corporate attorney with Skadden Arps in Los Angeles and Hong Kong executing mega-million dollar deals.

Pursuing my passion for freedom and empowerment, I created my own legal education business. My passion is to help you create your success.